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k a step nearer to the edge of its perilous precipice. As he mounted, woman fashion, upon a fiery horse, the wind blew all about his peach colored face the pink ribbons of a garish bonnet and lifted t

he tell-tale riding habit just enough



to reveal instead of laced shoes or gaiters, the muddy boots of a born cavalryman. Gregg, taking twelv

e men, followed in the rear of James t


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o within a half a mile of the nearest picket post and hid in the woods until word could be brought from the bagnio ahead. If by a certain hour the disguised Gue

rilla did not return to his comrades,



the pickets were to be driven in, the house surrounded, and the inmates forced to give such information as they possessed, of his whereabouts. Jesse James, having pointed out to him with tolerable ac

curacy the direction of the house, left the road, skirted the timber rapidly, leaped several ravines, floundered over a few marshy places and finally reached his destination without meeting a citizen

or encountering an enemy. He would not


dismount, but sat upon his horse at the fence and asked that the mistress of the establishment might come out to him. Little by little, and with many gawky protests and many a bashful simper, he told

a plausible story of136 parental espionage and family discipline. He, ostensibly a she, could not have a beau, could not go with the soldiers, could not sit with them late, nor ride with them, nor ro

mp with them. She was tired of it all


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